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History of the Crimean Tatars is rich in the joys and hardships, among them we can recall the development of such powerful states as the Crimean Khanate and the tragic expulsion of the Crimean Tatar people in 1994, the work of Ismail Gasprinskiy and terrible death of Musa Mamut, etc. In the history of the Crimean Tatars, from the beginning of a mass return to the Crimea to the present day, occupies an important position battle for the return of native lands (Russian-speaking residents called this phenomenon self-trapping and samostroyami).

For over 20 years have passed since the massive return of Crimean Tatars in Crimea, and the still-suffering people fighting for their rights and their homeland.

Back in 1989, when the majority of Crimean Tatars returned to Crimea, have faced stiff resistance from local authorities were aware that the paradise – the peninsula of Crimea – its indigenous people just will not be returned. Communist authorities are taking all possible and not possible methods to obstruct the return of Crimean Tatars, not sell the house the Crimean Tatars, and after the ban was lifted artificially increased the cost of housing, which, naturally, reduced the purchasing power of the Crimean Tatar. These obstacles forced each of the Crimean Tatar realize that he returned to his home, although the majority perceived it as «interloper». Even now, after decades, the Crimean Tatars remain alone with their problems, while blind power persists in ignoring their decision.

People did not survive the hard times of deportation, as well as the sorrows of forced confinement in a foreign country, can not understand that the Crimean Tatar is on unauthorized land back, not because of lust for wealth, but to survive.

July 1989 saw the first self-resetting of land by the Crimean Tatars (Belogorskij district, Zuya), which became the main method of obtaining land for the construction of individual housing. Today, hundreds of self-resetting become places of compact residence of the Crimean Tatars, which built houses, planted gardens and orchards, the fruits are enjoyed by those who did not want the return of the Crimean Tatar people. Along with more or less equestrian arrays are new «glade protest». This is proof that the territory of the Crimean peninsula, there is the land problem and the problem of national superiority.

One such modern «glades protest» became Kurban Coy (near p.Chistenkoe), where people now in its fourth year without any amenities of civilization trying to somehow arrange their hard life.

Eid al-Coy consists of 240 plots on which the construction of mosques and houses. And in many of the existing temporary shelters, called the parliament of Ukraine, candidate for President Ina Theological «WC», and Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko «dzhemilevkami», inhabited by people, among them there are both old men and babies.

«We live in two rooms, but in winter has placed only one. Electricity is absent, and the water is brought to order, which is very expensive. Well at least there liquefied gas, which saves us », – told about his life Elzar Muradasilova living in« glade protest »Eid al-Khoi.

During the existence of «glade protest» in the Crimean hero was born there – Hassan Muradasilov, by the end of the year he will be a brother or sister who will be the second child born in Kurban something.

Residents of Eid al-Koya complain that the 20 years of residence in the Crimea, none of them had not received any piece of land, despite the fact that the authorities have consistently held accountable, that the deportees land for construction of individual housing is allocated.

«Do we have no rights to get at least a few hundred parts of land in their homeland to live and raise our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. After all, we left them all, have taken nothing from their homes. In my parents’ house, where I spent my childhood, which is located in Bakhchisarai, near the Khan’s palace, on the street. Ostrovsky (old name Torgaylar Malesil born), live Russian, not to evict me them, but they still make fun of us. I am 70 years old, but I am full of strength and not retreat a single step. For days vyazhu washcloths, sell them, adding part of his pension, which amounts to 671 UAH and buy some construction materials. Thank God, the foundation already poured », – has described his life to the most elderly resident of Eid al-Koya Safinar Mametova.

Also Safinar Mametova added that during the time that they are there «no one: neither the authorities nor medzhlisovtsy – do not come and did not ask how we are in such conditions are negligible, except for international human rights organizations and journalists».

Living «glade protest» live in constant fear, because during the day men, mostly, are at work, and Eid al-Khoi are protected only by women. «From time to time feel like in a military position, focus on a hill men in camouflage, with the help of binoculars inspect« clearing », – complains Elzar Muradasilova.

Women drew attention to the fact that local government does nothing to solve the land problem. «The power just waiting for the right moment for the demolition of Eid al-Koya, but now is not the beginning of the 90’s and not posledeportatsionny period when it was possible to demolish the property of the Crimean Tatars. We will not let this turn of events », – said Alie Vedutova which to address the Simferopol district court fined 100 thousand UAH. for alleged damages Director hothouse of «Soviet Ukraine» Pavel Dyachenko.

Such as Alie Vedutova of Eid al-five things, though, they were fined for 25 thousand UAH.

«We hope that we will live, as all civilized society: to build their homes, kindergartens, schools, planted gardens, parks, enjoying all the benefits of our country, we shall live and educate the younger generation of Indigenous Peoples of Crimea – Crimean Tatars», – stated their hope for the future residents of Eid al-Koya.

Self-return enabled the Crimean Tatar people to settle in the Crimea and forever vrosti in his native land, to get used to it, grow deep roots, grow a new generation.


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Spokon Crimea underwent significant changes in the spiritual sense. Spiritual self-awareness, self-identification of peoples living on its territory, were dependent on the historical events that have taken place to be on the peninsula. Religious culture for several centuries, succeeded each other.

Today the Crimea is polireligioznym region. One of the traditional religions, with centuries-old presence in the territory of the peninsula, is Islam.

Islam began to penetrate the Crimea in the IX-XI centuries, the period of residence in its territory of different tribes: the Khazars, Bulgarians, Pechenegs Polovtsy. During the Crimean Khanate (1443-1783 gg.) Islam does natsieobrazuyuschuyu function and becomes a state religion, regulated at the peninsula almost all aspects of society: education, everyday life, a court case. It was at this period fell flowering of Islamic culture on the peninsula.

However, the rise and fall provides. Thus, both the flowering of Islamic culture in the Crimea is undergoing a decline: the beginning of its accounts for 1783, associated with the annexation of the Crimea Russia Empire and gaining momentum in 1944 when the Crimean Tatar people were forcibly separated from their motherland.

For nearly 50 years, while in exile, in a totalitarian atheistic regime, Crimean Tatar people actually cut off from their religious roots. A religiosity remained practically at the level of domestic traditions and rituals

At the present stage of the process of national revival of the Crimean Tatar people returning from places of deportation to their historical homeland, runs right up to the idea of religious revival. For the Crimean Tatar issue of revival of religion, study of the history and culture are inseparable from the Islamic tradition is very important.

It shows almost 20-year experience of Muslim communities in the Crimea, they are, with rare exceptions, have become self-sufficient, self-regulating unit in the system of Muslim religious institutions. And a decisive role in this was played by spiritual mentors communities.

Thus, the activities of the Muslim community para-Eski Saray (Pioneer) thrives in unison with the ideas and activities of their spiritual mentor Imam Sabri Effendi.

Sabri Lehman-oglu was born in Uzbekistan in the village of Diamond Churskogo district of Namangan region in just a worker. He spent his childhood as that of normal children with noisy games in the yard and carefree … Love for Islam Ramadan’s grandfather instilled in him, who was about a Muslim – did namaz five times, holding Oraza, read the holy Quran.

– He became an example for us in worship and devotion to Allah. He instilled in us a love for our native language, said Sabri Effendi.

Grandfather of Ramadan, which is well read in Arabic, and taught me the language is written in the Koran. Thanks to him I got on the religious path. I’m all motivated by the teachings of Islam. In the upbringing of their children, I was guided by them.

My daughter Emine and Leila studied in the Azov madrasas, and then continued his religious education in Turkey on religious faculty. Now they teach in madrassas. One of the sons of Ramadan, which was five years old reading sura «Fatiha» and attended various events with me, too unlearned in the madrasas, and then in Turkey for religion-faculty. Mohammed, whose life after the premature birth was hanging by a thread and only the will of Allah, a survivor, too, received a religious education. The third son, Said Ahmed, is studying in madrassas in subsection Kurman (Krasnogvardeysky), where they cook Khafizov. Sai Baba-Ahmed has a powerful voice, and after his birth, I realized that he would sing EZAN.

– Sabri Effendi, when did your religious activities? What are the goals and objectives you have set before him, becoming an imam?

Religious activities, I started in Uzbekistan, after he returned from military service. There, we did not ask any of unattainable goals. Since Uzbekistan has been very few people capable of making the read in Arabic, as we could have conducted various religious ceremonies: rituals nishan nikyaha, funerals, put names, etc. In 1989 he read in the newspaper «Lenin bayragy», which opened in the Crimea Jami Kebir, where the educated imams teach the basics of our fellow Islam, and then I thought it would be good, and I teach them something more. I wanted to go there immediately, but our Muslim community did not let me because I was there only one who held religious rites. So, in the shortest possible time, six months to teach all that his pupil.

After arrival in the Crimea, I visited the Jami Kebir, where he met with Seitdzhelil Efendi (note that in the 90 years the Spiritual Directorate of Muslims led by the Rat Seitdzhelil Ibragimov – a graduate of Bukharan madrasahs). Arriving in the Crimea, I began to understand the Arabic language, which once held the rituals, but absolutely do not understand it, Islam must feel, and not talk about it.

Becoming an imam in the Crimea, I set out to live as he lived the Prophet Muhammad, who became the best pupil of Allah and the best mentor Muslims. He said: «honorable man who learns the Qur’an and the one who teaches the Koran». Thus, I set myself the goal of helping Muslims in the Crimea in the conduct of religious rituals and to teach them the basics of Islam.

– Tell us about the period when you were deputy mufti

After returning to the Crimea, I realized that to be able to read in Arabic is not enough, so he began to translate. This made it possible to know what Allah says in the Quran. So I want and my students know that he has bequeathed to us. My teacher was the Sate-Jelil Effendi. He has, I learn much. I am happy that Allah brought me to such a man.

– How hard is undergoing a process of revival of religion after the return of Crimean Tatars to their homeland?

You know, many people still believe that the worship of Allah takes away a lot of time, and this hinders the process of improvement. And this is not so, because when you put thy trust in Allah, He helps you. Allah because nothing is impossible not required. Even just for what He has helped us return home, we have to thank him and worship Allah.

– Sabri Effendi, tell us about the Muslim community n. Eski-Saray

Muslims in Eski-shed live ordinary day: every morning they go to work, and returned in the evening tired, but still need to take care of domestic comfort and education of children. But despite the daily routine, they attend weekly Friday prayer, during which we explain to them verses from the Quran, Hadith, answer the questions. In addition, during the holy month of Ramadan we are joint iftars every Saturday conducting lessons for children at Kurban Bayram treatment of animals and distributing meat. And anyway, every day we are ready to respond to any questions from our community. Doors mosque and my house is always open to Muslims brothers and sisters.

But I have one wish: I would like to shop in the village to sell products elyal. Inshallah it will be.

– How to date picture of the Muslim community n. Eski-Shed? Whether it is replete with different Muslim sects or she is a monolithic unity?

Since all people by nature are not identical, in a society can not avoid the division of opinions and views. Including religious beliefs. But most importantly, what unites us, the Muslims – is faith in Allah. In the Muslim community Eski-Sayran as such there is no disagreement. If even come in, I think, you should not take this into account. Do not look for flaws in someone, then you will not find in himself. I believe that all Muslims should follow the example of one man, from the Prophet Muhammad. His mouth was said: «If you mean someone say bad, it is tantamount to what you eat spoiled meat of his brother».

Today, all that is happening in Muslim society – a test of faith. We should all strive for a single. We need to look for something that brings us together, rather than repels.

– How do you assess the relationship today between the Muslim community Eski-Saray with non-Muslim part of town? Are there any among them some tension?

We in the village mostly inhabited the Crimean Tatars, so similar problems, we do not face. But even with the nemusulmanskogo religion has never been disagreements, because Islam – a religion that calls be peaceful. Let me give you an example of an episode from the life of the Prophet: Muhammad once, leaving the house, he saw on the threshold of garbage. Without saying anything, he pulled it. It lasted for several days. But somehow, coming out of the house, he found no debris. Knowing that all this handiwork neighbor, Mohammed went to him. It turned out the neighbor was ill and needed water. And then the Prophet wisely: he did not leave, and brought sick of water. How do you think has changed this man? Yes! He converted to Islam. So if we, as Muslims, we will behave like Muhammad, the conflict never no one will.

– How do you think, what should be a true Muslim?

All Muslims believe that Allah is, but not enough. Actions necessary to confirm this: prove it five times namaz, keep Oraza, ask Allah for forgiveness. Believe me, prayer is not a burden, in the last day is the worship we would turn a paradise. The first question in the last day will be the question of prayer. So who now enjoys the blessings of Allah, should thank him, that in the last day did not stay too repentant and punished. To do this, we just need some work.

As long as Allah gives us the opportunity to live, we must abandon the sinful.

– As of today might wish Crimean Tatar youth?

I wish young people today are not afraid to pray and keep Oraza, more was in the company of believers. If you make mistakes, ask God to instruct them on the right path, prayed for myself, for parents and their loved ones. After all, as well, when we pray for each other!

I wish that the Muslims of Crimea were happy in this world, and do not forget that what awaits us after life on earth. We must now prepare for it.

Muslims of the Crimea, let this holy month of Ramadan you will be generous in favor. May Allah help us!

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Recently was published a scientific work department head of the Crimean Tatar and Turkish literature, doctor of philology Ismail Kerimov «Bibliographic Index of printed books, articles and works on the Crimean Tatar language: 1618-1944.». Note that this – the first bibliography on the Crimean Tatar language.

Book, print run of 1000 copies, published in JSC «Simferopol City Printing».

In particular, as noted by the author of I. Karimov, the book is a bibliography of books and articles on the Crimean Tatar language, literature, folklore, history, culture, sciences and engineering, published in the period from 1618 to 1944.

According to him, the meeting of bibliographic material took about 35 years. «Modern national science has long needed such a bibliography. 35 years of work on the collection of bibliographic material resulted in this significant work », – said I. Karimov.

The structure of the book before opening statements and two parts. In the first part are the titles in accordance with the alphabet and the chronology of publication, in the second – articles and products.

Bibliographic Index is aimed at senior students of the Crimean Tatar national schools, students of the Crimean Tatar scholar uu, graduate students, and teachers.

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1 September all schools in the Crimea will open its doors to students. On the eve of this day QHA asked about ready for the school year Crimean Tatar schools peninsula.

It is worth noting that the leaders of virtually all national schools have about 100% ready by September 1, told the good news and achievements, as well as shared problems, the main of them – are common to all national schools.

In particular, almost all schools are not provided with the necessary learning process for the material-technical base. In most schools, no-equipped gym, because in the winter for physical training, as a rule, chosen sports, allowing to do in classrooms – chess and checkers, the study of the theory. Only three national schools, children receive hot meals in some schools do not even have a buffet. At the same time the heads of all schools noted that pupils in primary classes and the recipients receive a free lunch – where there are no kitchens, children go to neighboring schools.

All schools renovated in the summer – at the expense of parents, in some places enlisted the help of sponsors.

It should be noted that one of the positive trends in all the Crimean Tatar schools, is a large variety of clubs in each of them. In-school program, children engaged in various activities, such as cultural or sporting nature.

The first in the Crimea Crimean Tatar school – Buyuk onlar (pgt.Oktyabrskoe) Krasnogvardeyskoe District, opened in 1993, this year taking more than 30 children – two first class. Total in school has 289 pupils, Issue 2009 amounted to 33 people.

How to tell the school director Alima Smedlyaeva, the school operates a circle of expressive reading, vocal and dance clubs – where the children sing folk songs and dances. In addition, a music teacher working in school with instrumental soloists. In school there is also a circle on collection of historical material «Hatyre» – kids collect material from the mouth of the elderly.

The school s.Vilino Bakhchsarai area (opened in 1996), studying 180 children, this year in the first class of 18 children came, and released 22.

Gym, cafe and auditorium in the school there. There is a small playground, designed for volleyball and basketball. However, outside school, pupils play football at the village stadium. According to the director Zenife Murtazayeva, the school’s football team participates in various competitions. The school also has a folk music club.

Bakhchisaraysky School this year celebrates 10 year anniversary.

Director Dilara Kurtametova shared that in the near future at the expense of charity in the school plan to replace all the windows and doors. In addition, there will be evrozabor, renovated facade of the building and the basement, where it is supposed to equip the dining room, gymnasium and workshops for boys and girls.

This year the school opened two first class to 37 people. Released last academic year, 39 people, all in school 359 pupils.

There is a circle on the fine arts, computer science and dance, produced a school newspaper, has a gym.

Karasubazarskaya School was founded in 2004

As assistant manager told the school Ghalia Hasanov, in the current year TIKA promised to help the school to repair the gym, which had rotted floors. The school is equipped with a large stadium. Immediate mower to September are shown in order of green areas in the territory.

This year karasubazarskuyu Crimean school are 18 first graders, were released on 29 children, 5 of them externs. Total 180 students studying.

School theatrical circle puts Crimean Tatar play, received awards at national competitions. Besides, a circle of needlework and English.

The school Kamadzhi (s.Zarechnoe) Djankoiskiy Area (2003), except for 143 students, there are three pre-school group of 62 pupils.

According to the Director Ruslan Umerova, at school waiting for the construction of a sports hall with sponsorship TIKA, which will begin after the construction project will UKSa examination.

The school has been renovated after the hurricane, which was held in the summer. There is a cafeteria with hot food. The school is adapted shooting, in which older students, members of the small mug shot from a pneumatic weapons.

By means of TIKA is constructed of the Crimean Tatar schools in Zue (1997).

As the school director Elmira Abibova, extension is 80% and will include eight classrooms, a medical center and a gym. Also attending the reconstruction of the school yard and built boiler.

A total of 150 school students, 12 first graders, released 16 people. Every day bus hauls to and from school and 30 children from the villages. The school operates a circle, headed zolotoshveykoy Momine Velilyaevoy.

School district Ismail Bey in Kezleve (2002) also offers two first class – 32 people. A total of 329 school students. This year, released 20 children full-time training and 14 externs.

At school environmental biology and local history circles, as well as the intellectual circle «Erudite». As noted by the Deputy Director Asie Chalbash, good students are achieving at sport. School football team is a leader in the city, successfully participated in the Crimean and national competitions.

At school in Ichki (pgt.Sovetskoe, 1997), studying 215 students this year there were 22 graduates in the first class enrolled 21 children.

According to the director Rustem Kurbanov, in the school gym and there is no material base for sports lessons. But there is a dining room with hot meals.

Valid circle «Junior shooter» and two theatrical circles – «Genchlik» – performs in Crimean Tatar language and «Nathnennya» – in Ukrainian.

This year in school Bulganak (s.Kolchugino Simferopol district, 1994), beefed up dining room, so students will be provided with hot meals.

Headmaster Usnie Asanova noted that the school has a good gym (with showers and changing rooms) and the assembly hall. In the courtyard of the school have playground.

Students engaged in the school dance troupe in a village house of culture.

At school there is a circle of Informatics, choral circle «Fidanlar» and the circle of journalism, producing a newspaper «Elke». In addition, this year called the circle of local lore – to study their native region. Operate sports section in volleyball and football. On the basis of school and sports committee, there section on boxing, children parties and winners of many competitions.

A total of 204 school students, this year was 31 graduate, scored 14 first graders.

In the Crimean Tatar school Sudak (2002) studying 200 students, first graders this year – 23, graduates was 26.

As a head teacher told Pakize Aliyev, the school has a limousine, sports grounds and dining room with hot food. There theatrical circle «Arzu». Last year he won first place on the Crimean festival with performance «Aslyhan» in Crimean Tatar language. In addition, there is a circle «My Computer», a circle dance, and English, a circle of Ethnology.

The school s.Mayskoe Djankoiskiy Area (1997) tomorrow, September 1, starts school radio.

In addition, in early September in the village come delegation of 11 people from Poland. Nariman told the director decides schoolchildren from g.Zhukovo will live in families of students of the May school and learn along with them. The program is aimed at studying the implementation experience of the educational system through the Internet. According to N. Reshitova, Polish guys come in the May school for the second time. The first time they were struck by the wealth of the Crimean nature and history. At this time for the group once again provides cultural program.

Director shared that the students in the national school would be much greater if we could solve the problem of the transportation of children from remote villages in the district. However, for several years, this issue is not resolved.

In the past year, according to the director, with the help of the International Fund «Renaissance» was equipped with modern office equipment computer class, but for the money Reskomnatsa were equipped classrooms for chemistry and physics.

In addition, last year, equipped kitchen and is now in school have hot food.

The school has 303 students, accounted for 20 first graders. Of the 36 graduates were 20 students madrassa graduates from the May school student.

The school district Kamenka Simferopol district learns about 710 students. Rolled out this year 75 students in first grade came to 86 children. Since the school has the status of the school with the Crimean Tatar and Ukrainian languages of instruction at school this year organized three classes with the Crimean Tatar language of instruction and one – with the Ukrainian. According to the director Nariman Akhmedov, possibly the opening of another – the fourth – the first class.

The school has a large base of sports and good dining. In addition, the school provides many circles: on the fine arts, embroidery, soft toys, dancing circle, and a section on boxing.

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KIEV. The National Palace of Arts “Ukraine” On 29 August (18.00) report a creative art groups of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. As Ukrinform reported, the press service of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, a concert program titled “Song of the solar Crimea” held in the final stage of the Festival of Arts of Ukraine.

With 17 hours in the foyer of the palace “Ukraine” eksponuvatymutsya exhibition of decorative art and works of photographers, “This wonderful Crimea – a 60 work 16 authors – members and candidates for the National Union of Photographers of Ukraine.

They will also set up national pavilions that represent the culture and everyday life of Ukrainian, Russian, Crimean Tartars, Czechs, Karaites, Germans, Armenians, Greeks and Bulgarians. The main purpose of the exhibition – the show and introduce visitors to the capital Kiev and the traditions of the peoples of Crimea.

The concert program will participate in the creative professional and amateur teams Crimea, including Symphony Orchestra Ro Crimean Philharmonic, Chamber Choir “Tavria toll, Tauride Youth Choir Ro Crimean Philharmonic, choreographic ensemble Crimean department KNUKiM, vocal duo Anna – Maria, Crimean Tatar Song and Dance Ensemble “Haytarma, folk groups” Krymchanka “and” Lyepota, vocal ensemble Byelbyek and others.

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Crimeans urged the government of Ukraine in 2010 officially celebrate the August 23 Day of Remembrance of the Stalinist and Nazi totalitarianism. Open appeal the matter to the President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko, the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Volodymyr Lytvyn, the heads of parliamentary factions agreed to a rally in Simferopol Requiem-initiated public organization «European Choice».

Shares held in the courtyard theater Shevchenko, where Stalin’s times roztashovuvalosya of the NKVD. In rally-Requiem attended by NGO activists «European Choice», Crimean Association holubivnykiv, decorative fans and singing birds, the Union of Ukrainian Women, SBI «Our Ukraine», Society «Ukraine-World», Scientific Society. Shevchenko, the Foundation «Intelligence Crimea». Shares held under the State flag, which was connected ribbon weed.

The rally-Requiem laid a wreath bearing the words in Russian, Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar languages: «May the memory of the victims of totalitarianism» to the walls where enkaveesivtsi tortured their victims in the 1930-1940’s, and paid tribute to the minute of silence. After that was finished a prayer for the innocent slaughter totalitarian regimes.

Leader of NGO “European choice” Andrew Ivanets said that this year’s August 23 for the first time established an absurd situation, connected with the application of an important holiday – Flag Day, and woefully date – the day the victims of Stalinist and Nazi totalitarianism, the decision to celebrate a this year, to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. Out of this situation, in his opinion – in moving celebration of Flag Day on another date that would allow it to make a large-scale by attracting young people.

Fund manager «Intelligence Crimea» Ph.D. in History, Vladimir Polyakov encouraged to install all of the mass killings of people by totalitarian regimes in Crimea and eventually mark the memorable characters.

After the rally, Requiem at the walls of the former NKVD building NGO activists «European Choice» and director of the Fund «Intelligence Crimea» went to the outskirts of Simferopol Dubky where laid flowers at the memorial to the victims of the Nazi regime. According to local lore, it led massacres like the Nazis in the years 1941-1944, both in 1930 and torturers of the communist regime.

As the head of the «European Choice» A. Ivanets, appeal to the leadership of the country to celebrate the European Day of Remembrance of Victims of Stalinism and Nazism is open for signature. On the first day it was supported by the head of the World Congress of the Crimean Tatars, Refat Chubarov, chairman of the Federation of Greek Crimea Sumulidi Nicholas, chairman of the National Association of deported Crimean Bulgarians them. brothers Melanya Ducheva Stoyanov, chairman of the Crimean branch of the Ukrainian Association of Religious Freedom Veryaskin Victor, Member of Parliament of the ARC, the chairman of the Crimean regional organization of the People’s Movement of Ukraine Leonid Pylunskyy, chairman of the monitoring of press freedom in Crimea, Vladimir Pritula, chairman of the Crimean Ukrainian People’s Party Oleg Fomushkin, Chairman of the Crimean Tatar National Party «Adalyet» Fevzi Kubedinov, chairman of the NGO «The Ukrainian community in Crimea» Vladislav Hmelovskyy, chairman of the Crimean Republican public organization «Koydeshler» ( «villagers») Ibra war, the chairman of Crimean society «Prosvita» Sergei Savchenko, head of the Crimean Ukrainian Republican Party «Cathedral» Vladislav Ermakov, head of the League of ethnic Ukrainian Crimea «Stork» Peter Смолянінов, chairman of the Crimean Tatar NGO «Komandar-name» Hamzin Ali, chairman of the Youth public organization «Bizim Kyrym» Abduraman Egiz. Soon-Requiem rally organizers are planning to place on the Internet appeal to the heads of state and parliamentarians to celebrate two memorable dates so that it can join with other interested regions, told AG Ivanets.

«Stalinism = Fascism»

Crimean campaign – information picket on the pan-Day Remembrance Stalinism and Nazism, which organized the Mejlis of Crimean Tatars, the Crimean organization supported the Ukrainian People’s Party. Picket held on 23 August at Lenin Square. It was attended by all indifferent to these terrible events. People kept in the hands of the state flags of Ukraine, the Crimean Tatar people, the Ukrainian People’s Party, the Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists, the People’s Movement of Ukraine. Many flags mayorily mourning bands.

In the hands of the participants were banners with slogans «CPSU CC =», «Renaissance тоталитарных regimes NO!», «Stalinism = Fascism». Protesters called on Ukrainian authorities to unconditionally respect the Ukrainian State international legal acts in the field of human rights and the rights of nations require officially celebrate the memory of victims of Stalinist and Nazi regimes, and appealed to the European Council and the European Union to assist restoration of the rights of Crimean Tatars in respect of which the communist regime of the Soviet Union for decades long policy of genocide.

UNP activists distributed piketuyuchym and passers newspaper article «the April nedolyudky: Hitler and Lenin» in the analysis of totalitarian political regimes: Nazi and Communist. Interestingly, behind piketuyuchyh symbolically «stuck» monument to the founder of one of the mentioned regimes of Vladimir Lenin.

Before people were leaders and members of political parties and public organizations. People remembered the terrible communist past: his, parents or grandparents.

«In the age of seven with her parents convicted of article 58, I was deported to the Gulag», – said a member of the city of Simferopol UNP Benedict SHKANDRIY, which presents with pain, that it is «happy» Vasyugan childhood passed in the swamps of the Tomsk region, where He spent 10 years.

With tears remembered his childhood and Leonid Kusch, a member of the UNP, whose grandfather after the revolution was rozkurkulenyy and deported from the Crimea, Odessa region, have only in 1944 that was Greek by nationality, the Communists sent to the Urals, where the children lived with cold barracks.

Affected by the communist regime and a member of the UNP district Dzhankoyskogo Valentine MANUYILOVA. Her grandfather and grandmother, the wealthy farmers and good hosts were rozkurkuleni, but again raised its economy only through hard work. «Collective farms all hated then, nobody would come there, driven by violent means – she said. – Grandmother told that they took all the food, even in pots on the stove, and nothing but to go to work in a collective farm, although the grain to get the children ». She explained that her mother, whose husband was killed at the front, forced to work for the labor days from morning to night on the collective farm field days a week, which were badly needed to cook and wash for three young children. «All this had to do at night or at lunch time needed to rest the horses, whose plow in the collective farm land – said the woman. – On the neglect of horses and men were needed for work ».

«National Socialist totalitarian regime of Hitler have condemned the Nuremberg trials – the head of the Crimean UNP Oleg FOMUSHKIN. – The second regime – communist – so far escaped the Nuremberg for his bloody crimes before their own peoples, addressing the red terror, civil wars, famines, deportations, mass executions and the Gulag. Ukraine, particularly Crimea, unfortunately, still not going to officially condemn this terrible regime, which reflects not only the existence of the Communist Party, but, worst, its presence in the power ».

Recall that the Crimean branch of the UNP were addressed to the Minister of Justice of Ukraine to demand ban the Communist Party as an unconstitutional form, aimed at undermining public order.

For reference. Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe adopted a resolution which laid equal responsibility on historical Nazism and Stalinism as a totalitarian regime, guilty of mass repressions and deportations. 23 August – the day of signing the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, which defined spheres of influence of Germany and the USSR in Europe and the redistribution of Central and Eastern Europe, marks the beginning of mass destruction of people – has been declared the International Day for the victims of Stalinism and Nazism.

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Simferopol. Tatar public organizations of Ukraine participated in the international peacekeeping camps in the Crimea.

34 members aged from 17 to 35 years, students and graduates of the Americas (Miami), Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Romania, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine took part in the international peacekeeping camp-2009

Gathering of young peacekeepers on the southern coast of Crimea in the village Solnechnogorskoe was made possible through the initiative of the All-Ukrainian Tatar cultural center “Tugan Tel” Kanafi Khusnutdinova, chairman of the Republican Association of Crimean Tatars, Volga “Idel” Ilmira Temirgalieva and organization Service for Peace. Participants included representatives of the Tatar and Crimean-Tatar nationalities living in Ukraine and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

Camp program included a variety of training to improve individual, team work skills, conflict resolution. During these two weeks, participants received a wonderful opportunity to introduce all the activities, successes and methods of work of the organizations they represent. At one of the cultural evenings of the camp bright and informative was jointly submitted by the Tatars and Crimean Tatar culture. The curriculum included watching movies “The freedom writers” and “The day after peace”. Because of the deep meaning and relevance of the films peacekeepers until late at night could not have exhausted their arguments, discussing the problems raised in the films.

Camp participants also were involved in social projects, which included painting the local school, playground, as well as garbage collection on the waterfront.

“We have gathered a young, active children from different countries, different nationalities, religious beliefs, to show them that a world without conflict is possible”, – told the correspondent of IA “Tatar-inform” one of the organizers of the peacekeeping camps Love Lipska.

In turn, chairman VTKTS «Tugan Tel» Kanafi Khusnutdinov reported that work with young people this is not the end. From 30 August to 30 September at the initiative of the International Union of Russia’s compatriots in the resort area of Zaporozhye organized camps for compatriots from Russia of all nationalities. From Kiev with the support of «Tugan Tel» in Zaporozhye had left a group of Tatar youth.

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