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Crimea agreed to expand the historical Ismail Gasripali Library, in a move to meet growing book stock, a report said.

Crimea agreed on Tuesday to expand the historical Ismail Gasripali Library, in a move to meet growing book stock, the Crimean news agency said.

2,180 million hryvnyas (272000 dollars) is provided by the Programme of social and economic development of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (ARC) in 2008-2012 for the constructions of book stock building and city’s lending library of the Crimean Republic institution Ismail Gasprali’s Crimean Tatar Library, the report said.

According to the executive decision, these means are provided in connection with the fact that the library needs additional buildings to place growing book stock, QHA said in the report.

The Ismail Gasprali’s Crimean Tatar Library, part of the property belonging to the Crimea, rent a building on the rights of the operational lease.

The building is a monument of architecture and town building of the second half of the twentieth century.

The Library building was madrasah and at the present it is on the balance of the Ministry of Construction policy and Architecture of the ARC.


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Andrew Kosovo

Moskal If the initiative succeeds, the curators of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Ukraine should put a monument to him of pure gold in full size.

In Ukraine, a new wave to initiate ban Islamic political party Hizb ut-Tahrir. Recall that Hizb ut-Tahrir – a political party, founded on the principles of Islam. Its activity is politics, and the basis – Islam. Its mission – to lead the Islamic Ummah to restore the Caliphate, and to the rule that Allah has sent down. Parties are banned in many countries. The number of supporters of the calculation does not lend itself as a secret organization. In Ukraine, its activities are permitted. The last eight years, Hizb ut-Tahrir has been active in the Crimea among the Crimean Tatars.

Gennady Moskal, recently appointed head of the Crimean police, imbued with the problem and took the initiative to ban Hizb ut-Tahrir in the territory of Ukraine. According to him, he had already begun to collect the necessary documents. Thus, Gennady Moskal suggests that under the influence of this organization is about 30 thousand Crimean Muslims.

Moskal If the initiative succeeds, the curators of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Ukraine should put a monument to him of pure gold in full size. Because the best gift for a secret Muslim religious organizations to do just hard.

Persecution and prohibitions are the life-giving compost, which nourishes the development of this organization. Forbidden fruit is known to be sweet. Especially in matters of religion and faith. History of religions knows many examples when the official ban and persecution, suffering for their faith strengthened the separate sect or an entire religion. That is, the prohibition of the organization will only increase its popularity among the youth. Young radical Tatars understand that Hizb ut-Tahrir was behind the thing and it should come.

Moreover, in the organization knows perfectly well how to work in underground conditions and make this bet. In the Hizb ut-Tahrir, there is a well thought-out structure, which helps to survive in the underground. The basic unit of the party – a cell of five members, whose leader called Mushrif. In Central Asia, where parties are banned, only Mushrif know members of other cells. In this case, family members, who were imprisoned because of its membership, financial support for the entire difficult period. That is, a member of Hizb ut-Tahrir feels confident always. And in the spiritual, and financial issues. No wonder that, for example, in Kyrgyzstan, where parties are banned, increasing the number of its members among the prisoners.

Targeting the underground is on the ideological-spiritual level. Here is a quote from the Koran, which is used in Hizb ut-Tahrir: “People told them:” The people gathered against you. Fear is their “. But this is only multiplied their faith, and they said: “We have enough of God and how wonderful that the Trustee and Custodian!”.

Or excerpts of proclamation about the arrests in Turkey: “And if they assume that they will turn away children that Hizb ut-Tahrir from its activities or weaken them, it is an illusion. For hardened fighters of the Caliphate and multiply their strength in the trials and difficulties of life. “

Among the functionaries of Hizb ut-Tahrir is no secret that the organization uses the bar to increase the number of members. So, for example, four members of Hizb ut-Tahrir, which gave an interview with The New York Times, said that the ban in the UK only helps the activities of this party, as draw attention to it and cause a greater credibility on the part of Muslims, dissatisfied with his position. A similar situation happens in Ukraine.

We must remember that in order to ban and the law to be effective and serve their purpose they must not only accept but also to perform. Who in Ukraine will be a secret deal with the liquidation of the Muslim religious organization? How this is done, if today there are only rough estimates on the number of its members? Police and Security Service may not be a decade to deal with basic land-grab, where we talk about the fight against Hizb ut-Tahrir. It is not possible to power structures in the more powerful countries, so that on Ukraine and can not speak.

Hizb ut-Tahrir had to prohibit 7 years ago when its emissaries are only beginning to work actively in the country. Today, such a solution would look like a malicious game muscles, where you want to act solely brains. Officially not banning the organization should cut off all sources of funding, because they come from abroad.

It must be remembered that every member of Hizb ut-Tahrir, jailed for membership in the organization, becomes a hero and martyr. Therefore, if Moskal so want to jail the leaders of the organization, it is best to do this on other articles of the Criminal Code with parallel corresponding explanatory PR work.

Well, finally an active outreach among young people. In this way are almost all Asian countries, where already realized that the usual ban Hizb ut-Tahrir will not stop.

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Victoria Plotkin, Natalya Vysotskaya

Here, before the land rose up on its hind legs,

And now – granite slabs.

There is not one of personal destiny,

All fate into a single merged.

How often do you have to see to shake hands with the rabbi and imam archpriest, an Orthodox priest quoted the Koran, and all gathered together listening to the sounds of the shofar? Unfortunately, very often. And we were lucky.

Crimean September. A peaceful, bright, even in summer the hot sun. The dazzling blue sky. Steppe. On the outskirts of the village Elizavetovo crowded – the elderly, youth, children, Russian, Ukrainians, Crimean Tatars, Jews, villagers, townspeople, officials, clergy, community organizations – Crimeans. Language does not turn to call the rally going – we want to find a less a state-owned, more humane word.

September 10 in the village soviet Saki Elizavetovo Dobrushin area of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (former village of Kara Fraydorfskogo Jewish National District) has opened a memorial sign to the Jews – innocent victims of fascism.

In the 20 years of the last century, Jewish immigrants arrived in the barren Crimean steppe, responding to the call KOMZET and Agro-Joint, to create a flourishing village, on the latest technologies to cultivate corn and grapes, to raise children and live happily ever after.

We climbed in the Crimean steppes Jewish collective farms, zakolosilsya bread, turned green and began to give full flow yield vineyards. Children growing up. All together, close together – Jews, Crimean Tatars, Russian, Ukrainians, Germans. But … all in one moment the war broke. In terrible devyanostometrovy well were dropped by the fascist monsters students, teachers, farmers – all who did not manage to evacuate from the collective farm “Sotsgevet” (translated from the Yiddish “Socialist emulation”). It killed people just because they belonged to the Jewish nation. Along with them were shot Russian, Crimean Tatars, Ukrainians – those who tried to save their friends and relatives …

Search Detachment Elizavetovskoy schools under the guidance of a teacher of history, this enthusiastic, Dmitry Vyazinko, did a great job and has restored many of the names of the villagers who were killed here. Tremendous support to the villagers is the chairman Saki rayon state administration Vladimir Galugan. He helped found patrons to link together many indifferent people – those who helped with money, builders, consultants. Action Team has found support in the Jewish charity center “Hesed Shimon”. Construction of the monument was held under the patronage of the Deputy of the Supreme Council of Ukraine Boris Deutsch and his assistant Anne Halperin. Search work helped to carry out President Saki regional Majlis Zevdzhet Kurtumerov.

Opened the event Alie Veysova, Chief of the Ethnic Affairs Saki district administration. She said that the greatest value in the world – is human life, the greatest value of a person – his pride: his own people, for their culture for their children. The most terrible crime – to deprive a person of life. “Let our world will be good. Let the Sun-Vishny will give us all wisdom, love of peace, never to prevent a recurrence of the tragedy … “

Rabbi Benyamin Wolff told the audience that in Judaism there are several types of assistance: “The first – is to help friends who, if necessary, will also be able to help you. Another type of assistance – is to help the poor – people who can not repay you in kind. And the most important aid – the highest stage, which is valued in Judaism, most of all – is to help the dead. Will make a big help to these people – a monument innocently massacred – people who are considered the most holy. Rabbi Wolf read a memorial prayer, which the land has not heard for many decades.

The representative of the Crimea Simferopol diocese, Archpriest Eugene Livshuk Provost Evpatorian deanery: “Dear friends, we came to honor the innocent victims of our sisters and brothers, who were unarmed, they fought, they were simply destroyed, killed, thrown down wells because they had a different eye color, a different nationality. Scripture teaches us that man is created in the image and likeness of God, and all need to treat his neighbor as the image of B-zhiyu as to creation B-zhiyu. How and why was so distorted by the spiritual nature of man? It was distorted by sin. If a person – the image and likeness-B zyje, you do not need to look in each other what may divide us, because there is no such reasons. And, conversely, to look for something that connects us, human beings. And in every religion there are calls for it. Today, we, the representatives of different faiths, gathered here this mournful place, and nothing prevents us together to think about what happened. I want to refer to the Koran – the sacred book of Muslims, where the 85 th Sura uttered the following words: “And the closest to us to love those who call themselves Christians, because among them are priests and monks, who are not glorified.” Here exalting one over the other gives rise to the tragedies that are so rich in the history of mankind. There should not be so, my dear. I also want to pray. “

Then took the floor imam Saki area Ebulmussein Muratov: “We are gathered here, only one point of the Crimea, and there you can find thousands, where innocent people were shot. Our children, you will learn, and you will be among the ministers or leaders. You always remember this place, to prevent war. Quran encourages us all that we are the sons of Adam, we should all love each other and respect each other, and not in another.

Therefore, dear Crimeans, you always worry about this place – the communal grave of adults, children and the elderly. Today, all gathered. Crimea at all enough! Our first muftiat once said: “In Crimea there are many colors. This is Russian, Jews, Tatars, Karaites … – all nations. It is necessary to combine them and make a bouquet, as in Switzerland. We must educate children so that they respect the elderly, respect their land because this land of our ancestors with their blood, our sweat, we passed. It would be nice not to remember this damned war, but nothing can be done, such is life. And now we must preserve this place and peace throughout the world. “

Funeral prayers were heard that day in three languages – Jewish, Russian, Tatar.

The rally also served President Saki state regional administration, Vladimir Galugan, teacher elizavetovskoy and Dobrushin schools Dmitry Vyazinko, Chairman of the Board of the Jewish Charity Center Hesed Shimon Alexander Glubochansky, Chairman of the Council of Representatives of the Crimean Tatars in Saki rayon state administration, regional chairman of the Majlis Saki area Zevdzhet Kurtumerov head Dobrushin village council, Vladimir Shpilevoi. The keynote speeches were: “Gd has blessed us to live together, and we should, in drawing conclusions from the past, to learn together to confront evil and violence. We must learn to live in kindness and harmony, to do good neighbor, near standing, infirm – all, regardless of their color, blood, religion.

Then, on the eve of the Jewish New Year sounded the ancient sounds of the shofar.

After the meeting people were drawn to the memorial. Quietly, in turn, came to the terrible well, which is now covered with a memorial sign. It knocked out the mournful words. Stones. Candles. Flowers. Wreaths …

We are together. We remember. So – we are alive.

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http://qha.com.ua/haber2.php?id=2051Crimean Tatar Woman 1870


The Crimean Tatar folk ensemble Qırım with a theatrical performance “Toyğa davet etemiz” (We invite to the wedding) will perform in the remote areas of Crimea.

As the financial maneger of Qırım Ms. Nafize Bekir said QHA, this theatre play has a great success among the Crimean Tatars and not only among them. They have already performed with this cultural programme in Aq-Meçet (Chornomorsk region) and in Bahçasaray in the first days of autumn. But it is not the end of their travel, because already 5 October this year, Qırım plans to appear on stage in Terekli-Şeyh-Eli (Melnichne) of Qarasubazar (Belohirsk) raion.

As QHA noted earlier, “Toyğa davet etemiz” play presents the most beautiful customs and rites of the Crimean Tatar wedding ceremony, as well as: marriage proposals, age-old wedding traditions ‘eşil yapraq’, ‘nişan’ and ‘nikyah’ – is a marriage celebrating as well. “This programme has already become certain guidance in how to hold marriage celebrating in the right way. Because a lot of Crimean Tatars especially youth do not know all these traditions” – Ms. N. Bekir said adding that in this connection Qırım will appear on stage for residents of cities and raions of the autonomy and make the residents of Crimean remote areas happy. Dance routine of the wedding play was put on the stage by the Honoured actress of the ARC Nazire Emir, stage director – Honoured Art Worker of Ukraine Renat Bektaş.

Moreover, appearing on the stage of such well-known Crimean Tatar performers as: Asiye Saale, Yunus Kakura, Arsen Bekir, Emine Mustafa are provided by the programme of this event.

Saide Hacimambet – Nara Nariman

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On September 28, the Chairman of the Majlis of Crimean Tatar people MP Mustafa Cemil had met in the Majlis Office in Aqmescit (Simferopil) with group of senior students of the Royal College of Defence Studies (RCDS) of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland that headed by the RCDS Commandant Vice Admiral Charles Style. QHA is informed about this by the Majlis press secretary Lilia Muslim.

Captain John Foreman Royal Navy, the Defence Attaché of the UK Embassy in Ukraine and his assistant were attended to a meeting too.

According to Ms. Muslim, the Commandant, Vice Admiral C. Style told their group composed of 12 senior students from Great Britain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Pakistan, Australia, Brunei, Israel, Ghana and Indonesia. He noted the aim of the visit is to examine, from a strategic perspective, the current situation of and future prospects for the stability, security and prosperity of Ukraine. A comprehensive programme of visits and briefings from leading figures in the political, diplomatic, security, economic, industrial, agricultural and academic spheres has been organised. This provides members with a feel for the nature, achievements, problems, and prospects of Ukraine. The group also will be visiting Kyiv, Dnipropetrivsk and Kriviy Rih.

By request of guests, the Majlis Chairman Mustafa Cemil told briefly about the history of the Crimean Tatar people and its national movement.

In conclusion of the RCDS students expressed their thanks to the Crimean Tatar leader and they stressed they are under impression of fruitful dialogue.

Reference: The Royal College of Defence Studies is an internationally-renowned institution and component of the United Kingdom’s National Defence Academy. It is committed to achieving its mission in an invigorating environment, which inspires study, stimulates thought and stirs debate; in which the views of others are respected and lasting friendships made; and which, through contact and exchange of information and ideas amongst Members from many nations and different backgrounds, provides a unique and enriching experience for all.

The RCDS Mission is: o develop leaders and international strategists. Since 1995 the UK Government has funded one place on the course each year for a Ukrainian student. These have been drawn from the Ministries of Defence, Foreign Affairs and Internal Affairs, and from the National Security and Defence Council.

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Resolution of the Verkhovna Rada of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea was appointed the new chairman of the Republican Committee of the ARC on international relations and affairs of deported citizens. He was the former head of the Office of Capital Construction Reskomnatsa Eden Dudakov.

Note that for this decision on September 29 at a meeting of the extraordinary session of the Verkhovna Rada of the ARC voted 60 deputies out of 70 registered in the hall. In accordance with the previously released information on the coalition agreement between the Crimean parliamentarians, as head of the quota was Reskomnatsa the faction “Kurultai-Ruch”.

Former republican committee chairman Server Saliev two years ago has reached retirement age (60 years), but his time in public service has been extended.

Help. 50-year-old Eden Dudakov has higher education and in the past led Bakhchisarayskoe PMK-2. In addition, in 2006 he exhibited his candidacy for the mayoral election Bakhchisaray, but won only the third place with 2,508 votes.

Kim Nikolaev

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2,180 million UAH. Program provides socio-economic development of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea in 2008-2012, for the construction of housing and urban Book Storage subscription Crimean Republic institution “Crimean Tatar Library. I. Gasprinsky “. This issue is negotiated on Sept. 29 at a meeting of the Council of Ministers of the ARC.

According to the explanatory memorandum decision of the Ministerial Council of ARC, the text of which has QHA, the funds provided in connection with the fact that the library feels the need for additional space to accommodate a growing book collections.

In this case, noted that the Crimean Republic institution “Crimean Tatar Library. I. Gasprinsky is part of the property belonging to the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, a budgetary institution, located in the management of the Ministry of Culture and Arts of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the Rights of the operational lease takes the building, which is a monument of architecture and town planning of the second half of the twentieth century. This former madrassah and currently it is on the balance of the policy of the Ministry of Construction and Architecture of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

Kim Nikolaev

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